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5.4. I have a digital photo but I don't have photo editing software. What do I do?

Before you upload a photo to your profile, there are a few things you should know.

1. This website is a chartered club of AANR, and all photos need to be appropriate for family nude recreation. Photos of a sexual nature will be deleted at the discretion of site admins.

2. Allowable files extensions are .jpg .jpeg .png.

3. Files can be no larger than 10mb in total size.

4. Pixel dimensions must be no larger than 1,600 px wide and 1.200 px high.

5. You should be the ONLY subject in your photo. No group shots, no pictures of friends, and no pictures where your car or motorhome is the only item in the photo. You can be nude or clothed in your pictures. does not edit photos. We have set up a partnership with Nudist Designs (a.k.a. SuzArt Creations) to edit your nudist photos. The price is $5.00 for the first image, and $2.00 for each additional image. Here's how it works:

Attach the image(s) you wish to have edited (resized or reformatted to the proper extension; .jpg, .jpeg. png) into an email and send it to

Once the photo(s) and payment are received, Nudist Designs will edit the photo(s) and email them back to you so that you may upload them to your profile. Or you may have them upload it for you. If you wish to have the photo(s) uploaded for you, please make a note of that in the email.

To make a payment go to the "Photo Edits" page on

* All photos are subject to approval by for upload. Be certain your submitted photos fall within the guidelines of the terms of agreement for the website. SuzArt Creations and Nudist Designs do not issue refunds for photos rejected by because of a violation of said agreement.

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